We work with the most influential and connect you directly to influencers to arrange ads with the right ideas. We always seek to attract new influencers and search for them. We also monitor ads and measure the impact of the campaign to guarantee its success.



Promoting through social media platforms is considered a path to success and access. Digital media platforms has unique qualities which serve the needs of specific demographic, that is why we work in Smaat to choose the right platform for you depending on your marketing strategy. We also help you determine the right platform for you, identify your target audience, your goals, and other things organized based on your field.


We create a visual story for you that is worth admiring, starting with an idea and ending with production. We work on motion graphics and editing based on your goals. Wether they were informational, introductory, interactive, or marketing goals.



We administrate your social network platforms to guarantee you an effective presence and continued communication with your audience. We embark together in a journey that starts from the nucleus of an idea to the preparing and editing stages. Creating with the strength of the word an impact that embodies your expectations and aligns with your goals.


We offer professional coverage in this fast paced world to document your precious moments with high-tech equipment and an experienced team that managed the coverage of many local and international events. You’ll find us from the start of an event for full coverage from photographing, montage, and editing so that your digital audience doesn’t miss enjoying the moment with you. In addition we have a specialized team on documenting moments that does not require immediate publishing.



We always work to insure that reports reflects what’s happening in social media platforms by providing the latest technology that presents the best and most accurate results. In addition to the human efforts which monitors, refines, and analyzes data and offer the required recommendations. The reports are range from visual images and measurement of reputation, accounts performance, feedback, progress reports, and reports on brands and events.


We work and plan for a distinguished media appearance. We draw plans that aligns with your goals and fits your field. In Smaat we diversify our plans from strategic plans for both Government and private sector, influence public opinion with tools and tactics that suits the audience. Organizing crisis control strategies, working on strategic plans for ad campaigns and coverage of events and festivities. As well as other plans to change or improve mental image.

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