Riyadh Summit Bringing the offline event online

#Riyadh_Summit - covering the region’s biggest political event that was held during the visit of the United States president, Donald Trump, to Saudi Arabia and brought more than 55 Arab and Muslim countries together. The objective was to bring the offline event online and be the first to report on news and updates.

Categories: Event Coverage

Campaign Duration

3 Days

Target Location


Target Audience

Mass audience


Views, Reach and Engagement


  • We had 48 hours to set up and prepare for the event coverage- short noticed.
  • Create content that is tailored to 5 different languages and resonates with multiple cultures.


We created a flexible content strategy that aligned with the Riyadh Summit and assisted the team during the event. We also had a team working 24/7 monitoring all social media channels and a team of multiple photographers, videographers, editors, graphic designers and copyrighters that were quick in ensuring primary live coverage of the event.

Number of influencer ads created:
33 Designs, 41 Videos, 33 Reports

Text, Videos and Images, Engaging and informative in 5 languages

Channels deployed: instagram | Facebook | Twitter | Youtube


Copyrighters were specialized in different languages and most posts had to have rich media in them. Images and text were published instantly; while, videos were edited and published within 30 minutes after they were shot. All posts had the hashtag #RiyadhSummit



Twitter account followers

50 Billion

Appearance on social media platforms