Riyadh Summit Bringing the offline event online

Smaat covered the Riyadh Summit, Saudi Arabia's biggest political event where the President of the United States of America, Donald Trump, was amongst key visitors. The event hosted more than 55 Arab and Muslim countries.

Our coverage aimed to capture the event as it is and release it to the online world. That way, Smaat secured the lead in everything that was coverage related, from news publishing to event updates.

Categories: Media coverage

Campaign Duration

3 Days

Target Location


Target Audience

Mass Audience


Views, Reach and Engagement


  • Deliver full fledged event coverage with only 48 hours notice.
  • Create suitable content for 5 different languages from 5 different countries.


Aligning with events happening at the Riyadh Summit, a content strategy was developed. A team of photographers, videographers, editors, graphic designers and copywriters was formed to cover all the Summit's events from every single angle.

Content Created:
- 33 Designs
- 41 Videos
- 33 Reports

Content Strategy:
Informative multilingual texts, videos and interactive imagery

Platforms used:          


- Specialized copywriters created copy for both text-based and visual content covering several languages.
- Videos were edited 30 minutes after being taken.
- All published posts were tagged with #RiyadhSummit.



Twitter Followers

50 Billion

People Reached