22 Feb 2012

”We started with “Advanced Applications.

It functioned to program and develop mobile applications.

06 Jun 2013

”We established “Twitads.

The first agency of its kind (in the country) to market through influencers. Twitads was established due to the marketing needs at the time. It also served as a support system for applications we’ve developed..

07 May 2014

”We established “Smaat.

Aware of the market’s needs, we set out to provide full-capacity organizational plans and technical, digital marketing media services..

13 Nov 2014

We inaugurated Smaat.

In a ceremony where its establishing team, along with all its friends, came together to celebrate the launch..

21 Aug 2015

Smaat began reaping rewards.

Through a team effort, composed of experts and talented individuals..

12 May 2016

Smaat expanded.

Establishing a branch in Dubai, the city of future..

08 Feb 2017

Smaat expanded further.

Establishing a branch in Cairo..