Management of Digital Information

Digital Marketing

Management of Digital Information can be maintained by specialized writers, designers and photographers who enable us to address the digital podiums that we direct to the governmental and commercial agencies in order to guarantee effective presence and continuums communication with the clients. Such method of content management shall be directed in different stages as set below

  • Content Preparation Such preparations comprise design, photography and montaging to ensure the presence of a comprehensive content suitable for the different sectors and personalities
  • Scheduling Publication and Following up Growth
    This shall be realized by choosing the best and most interactive periods, in addition to the continuous following up the queries and questions of consumers and clients. In this way, can be built effective communication and firm relation with the end users and building positive images in their in their minds.
  • Periodical Reports on the Results
    Such periodical reports and detailed statistics shall be maintained through social communication channels in order to specify the interaction percentages, the publication, and times of appearance, the feed backs, and the conduct of end users towards certain services or products.
Digital Marketing
When the promoting and advertising campaigns have different platforms and ways:

Promoting through popular and famous personalities and accounts (TwitAds) – (Instagram) (Snapchat)
By advertising program directed toward companies, advertising and marketing agencies to promote and spread advertising tweets on the popular and famous accounts on twitter with the required content and time, through control board shows the accounts names and allows the users to choose the suitable names and determine the publishing time and payments through the website in a few minutes.

Marketing through open advertising platforms boards:
Promoting by the open advertising systems:
  • Google Adwords
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Youtube
  • Foursquare
  • LinkedIn
  • And others
Each podium or platform differs according to the clients products and services that needed to promote for, and options for reaching the users differ to each depending on the presence of the advertising platform and its developed technical tools.

Marketing through websites and E-Newspapers
Marketing by a wide network of websites and E-newspapers which have a huge audience.

The Statistics


Reports and statistic by using high level and advanced tools for measuring interaction percentages, growth rate, and the opinions of the end users and consumers. Those tools shall be directed to specified accounts on the social networks, or to certain products and services at the level of the web, or towards published issues and news for the benefit of commercial or governmental parties. Those reports shall cover several aspects including

  • Charts and figures that reflect publication and dissemination rates.
  • Specifying all the replies and notes related to the report concerning certain accounts or certain key words.
  • Dynamic reports that allow reviewing the results at the level of the month, the week, the day, the hour and the minute.
  • To study the conduct of the public and connect it with the feedback on the basis of the entered data and the podiums used.
  • Reports about the competitors in the market with details about points of strength and points of weakness.
  • Presentation of suggestions and consultancy towards performance development and raising its level.
Web Applications

  • Drawing up a map for the electronic website, and designing a frame work suitable for the client and can be easily used.
  • Preparation of a method of programs using the best programming languages, and best tools to ensure a stable and safe application.
  • Establishing a suitable content with regards to its writing formation, images and videos for display.
  • Raising the level of search engine optimization in order to attract visitors to the searching devices, and to realize best results.
  • Continuous maintenance and technical support.

Mobile Applications

  • To define the application and tasks services, and to forward the preliminary conception on the basis of that.
  • Programming the application on deferent systems such as: Android or IOS.
  • Adding what is required of supplements in order to promote and enhancing it.
  • Fixing the application at the store and providing the client with the sale statistics and reports and handing over profits periodically.
  • Continuous development together with maintenance and technical support.
  • Provision of advertisement and marketing service through those applications.