Digital marketing

    By influencers:

    Through indirect marketing, a list of more than 500 influencers on different social media platforms, we create content and run campaigns to achieve marketing and promotional goals.

    Via digital platforms:

    A team of professionals on social media sites work closely together to manage a set of different ad platforms to execute campaign planning and setting goals. 

    Digital platforms management

     Social media accounts management

    Through digital media channels, we manage content on multiple stages with a team of editors, designers and publish reports for our clients to ensure effective and continuous presence with their audiences.

     Websites management

    Information Technology

    Utilizing state-of-the-art technology allows us to serve customers and beneficiaries by providing the following services:

    1.         Analyzing, designing, and programming websites (including e-commerce sites)
    2.         Analyzing, designing, and programming smartphone applications (including e-commerce apps)
    3.         Providing solutions for technical consulting
    4.         Technical support

    Creating creative content

    1- Marketing.

    2- News.

    3- Informative.

    4- Awareness.

    5- Interactive.

    6- Educational

    Live coverage

    We record precious moments, using high-tech equipment, handled by a team of highly qualified experts.

    Our team has worked on countless projects, both nationally and internationally.

    As soon as an event kicks off, our team snaps into action;

    photographers take pictures, videographers film moments, writers draft up social media post and blogs. Meanwhile, our editors (stationed on-site) manipulate and fashion raw footage into montages, trailers, teasers, etc.

    Alongside our live coverage team, we employ a second, working on post-event content - recording moments to be released after the fact.

    Reports and monitor

      We update you on everything regarding your presence in the virtual world. The instruments we use run on software that we’ve developed. Said software churns out reports and electronically monitors content. These systems are operated by a team of professionals, working around the clock. On top of that, we provide reports and studies which include:

      1. Brand image reports and reputation measurement
      2. Performance reports
      3. Feedback reports
      4. Descriptive studies
      5. Content analysis studies



      It is agreed upon that visual content will lead in its digital form. In response to this inevitable transition, we integrated our innovation in technology accordingly.

      1.  Designs
      2. Direction and montage
      3. Infographics
      4. Motion graphics

      Strategic and operative planning

       “Long-term planning does not deal with futuristic decisions. On the other hand, it deals with the future of current decisions.” Peter Drucker

      Smaat’s development team arms your digital plans with theoretical and practical applications which ensure the fulfillment of your strategic and operative goals. Creating and executing hundreds of plans, annually, we are sure to surpass expectations    

      1. Strategic planning for media presence
      2. Building, developing or enhancing brand image plans
      3. Marketing campaigns plans
      4. Media campaigns plans