Smaat Co. Signed a Traineeship Agreement with MiSK Foundation

Thu, Nov 16, 2017 9:32 AM

H.E. Mr. Bader Alasaker, Secretary General of Misk Foundation and the General Manager of Smaat Company signed a joint cooperation traineeship agreement to train undergraduate Saudi students in media, marketing and public relations on digital media specialization, that focuses on digital marketing, content creation, and social networks management. The agreement was signed at the MiSK HQ in Riyadh after the launch of the program "Misk/Smaat", which takes part from the global transformation to digital fields and contribute to the localization of the field by providing participants with the necessary knowledge.

The traineeship program, starts early 2018, will include the actual practice of day-to-day work in Smaat Co., the programs’ participants will be able to get a background of the top and most popular social networking platforms and how to manage them in a way that meets the objectives of the clients, whether they were governmental, private or non-profit. In addition, they will also learn how to create the right content, text or visual, for the targeted audience. The program requires a background in social networking and proficiency in both Arabic and English. It was agreed that MiSK Foundation will take responsibility for the registration and approval of applicants. And Smaat will have full responsibility for the training and will follow up with performance reports as well as seeking to attract top participants to work within the company.

The Misk/Smaat program is part of the MiSK Foundation strategy of empowering Saudi youth and providing them with the basic skills by offering educational opportunities and leveraging their qualifications to help in achieving huge goals to take the future lead of Saudi Arabia.

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