In its ongoing quest to empower women Smaat offered a car for one their female employees

Mon, Jun 25, 2018 5:48 PM

Smaat company; one of the leading companies in the field of digital media and marketing had the chance to celebrate 10\10 with Saudi women after the announcement of the royal decree that lifts the ban on women driving. This unique celebration aims to raise the company's social engagement and helps to empower its employees at all levels.

Within this festive atmosphere, the company gave more than 50 keys to its women employees, only one of them enabled her owner to win the car.

"As part of our role, it is important to provide the right support that positively impacts the lives of our employees, and effectively contribute to the society" Sami Al-Rasheed, the CEO of Smaat said.


Moreover, it is noteworthy that this celebration has achieved an extensive interaction on social media platforms through which the followers expressed their admiration for the company's environment and its remarkable initiative. 


The spark of this interaction started with the release of the teaser and ended with the publishing of the closing video. On this occasion, Smaat tweeted: She deserves it.. #BecauseSheBelongToSmaat

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