Smaat's Initiatives in the Holy Month of Ramadan

Tue, Jun 19, 2018 11:39 AM

Smaat has augmented the corporate social responsibility (CSR) by providing a variety of social programs and activities. Such programs are aimed to reinforce the CSR culture in the work environment and enhance the enrollment of the male and female employees and, therefore, increase the self-awareness of the CSR.

"Smaat's Initiatives in the Holy Month of Ramadan" is one of the CSR programs adopted by Smaat. There are set of activities sheltered under the umbrella of this program; the first of which is "Let's Make Them Happy." This activity was organized jointly by Smaat's female employees and (Insan Charity Committee for Orphans Care) at which the orphans have been hosted and been involved in joyful games and actions that will, certainly, make them happy.

"Let's Make Them Happy" provided a "storytelling and theater" section for the orphans sponsored by "King Abdul Aziz Public Library" and "Dar Asfar for Publishing and Distribution".

There were 20 kids participating in the event, who involved also in "DIY jewelry-stands" section with their own ideas and designs. While the "I Dream to Be" section was designed to motivate the kids in a way that each kid gets the outfit for the character he/she wants to be. Other sections were also part of this event; hosting, painting and drawings, and playing and toys sections.

The event was ended by a group Suhoor with the kids, their mothers, and Smaat's female employees. The impression that this event made can be tasted as one of the mothers said "It was a great feeling to see my son being very happy with the pilot dress he got", or as another mother said "My daughter always wanted a chance to act on a theater which was available to her today."

As an intrinsic part for the participation of private sector and firms in the CSR; "We believe that incorporating the CSR concept for the various social groups and levels creates healthy environments that can interact and be productive in the community." Said Engr. Sami Al-Rasheed - Smaat's CEO & Co-Founder.

On the other hand, Smaat's employees were happy themselves for being active and productive in such events as Areej Al-Maliki - the digital media specialist at Smaat - said "No matter how small what you're giving, it will matter. I was happy to participate in the CSR events and would like to thank the organizers in Samaat to allow me for doing so."

Shaden Al-Harthi - the copywriters' supervisor at Smaat- added "The paths of givenness and charity are endless and countless. Smaat made us used to give and help, through such events every year. I am thankful for those initiatives and events which made us feel more alive, and thankful to those who participated." While Noof Haddad said "It is great to make and create the happiness around. The kindness of giving is spreading the love."

Another CSR event was also conducted by Smaat's male employees, where 18 employees participated to visit and support 78 patients at "King Abdullah Specialized Hospital" and "Imam Abdul-Rahman Al-Faisal Hospital", obeying to our prophet instructions pbuh. The event involved presenting simple gifts to the patients (kids and oldies) and prayers that wish them the eternal health and recovery.

On the importance of the CSR concept; Mr. Mohammed Al-Ali - the clients' engagement manager at Smaat- said "With such initiatives and events we feel and realize our achievements. We are part of our society and it is our responsibility to help, support, give, and support such events to bring the happiness to our community and nation and make them better."

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