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About Smaat

Our Vision

To be a world-class digital marketing and digital media champion in the MENA region.

Our Mission

To improve our customers’ digital presence by enhancing their online reach to increase their influence.

Company Profile

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Our Services

Digital marketing

By digital platforms and influencersThrough indirect marketing, a list of more than 500 influencers on different social media platforms, we create content and run campaigns to achieve m...

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Digital platforms management

Social media accounts management We manage social media content throughout multiple stages. A dedicated team of editors and designers systematically publish reports and send them to ou...

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Creating creative content

A dedicated team of copywriters and graphic designers create all kinds of digital content

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Live coverage

We record precious moments, using high-tech equipment, handled by a team of highly qualified experts. Our team has worked on countless projects, both nationally and internationally....

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Our Story

22 Feb 2012

”We started with “Advanced Applications.

It functioned to program and develop mobile applications.

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06 Jun 2013

”We established “Twitads.

The first agency of its kind (in the country) to market through influencers. Twitads was established due to the marketing needs at the time. It also served as a support system for applications we’ve developed..

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07 May 2014

”We established “Smaat.

Aware of the market’s needs, we set out to provide full-capacity organizational plans and technical, digital marketing media services..

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Video Gallery

Why Choose Us

  • A variety of services covering all your digital needs
  •  we manage platforms, digital campaigns and reports 
  • highly-commitment team works around the clock
  • Specialized creative content management
  • Integrated coverage team ,covering events efficiently and professionally
  • Influencers campaigns coverage in the Kingdom and the Arab world
  • Our Works


    The Riyadh Summit was a series of three conferences held on May 20–21 2017, hosting President of the United States, Donald Trump. The Itinerary was comprised of three meetings; one bilateral meeting b...

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    This year, the Oud Elite made it among the top 100 brands in the Kingdom. Smaat managed the account for three years (and still does today). In the month of Ramadan, we ran the #Mercedes-Oud-Elite camp...

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